SkyOfSteel 0.1.2 Released!

about gosh darn time

What happened? Why the delay in release?

Wasted work, technical issues, life in general

What’s new?

A lot of thing! For one we now have proper custom gamemode support now. No longer a proof of concept, SkyOfSteel now allows for user created gamemodes! Most of our work has been in the pursuit of this goal, which contributed much to the lengthy developement process of 0.1.2

In addition to the custom gamemode support; we now have more reliable player movement, wall kicking, a new UI theme, an update checker, and controller support among other things.

Finally we have a website now as edvidenced by this blog post which you are presumably reading on the new

Where can I get it?

Right here!

What’s next?

I plan on moving to a bi-weekly release schedule to allow for faster iteration times. We get to move fast and break stuff! What this means in practice is that the new cool features and bugfixes will trickle out into stable releases much faster, feedback and bug reports will be aquired more rapidly, and most importantly singular releases have less importance in the grand scheme of things meaning that we can ship more interesting stuff more quickly. The goal is to accelerate the molasses slow developement cycle to a more brisk pace.

In addition I am bring back weekly blog posts. Unlike before these posts will be hosted on our very own site and will be published on Saturday. On release weeks this post will be the changelog and assorted information about the release while on the interum weeks the blog posts will be made up of an interesting information about the ongoing developement of the next release.

Awesome! Anything else?

Actually yes! Along side this release I am launching my personal Patreon account for founding my work on SkyOfSteel. I had been planning on opening a Patreon eventually and with the upcoming acclerated developement cycle I figured this the best time to launch it. If you are willing to chip in a few bucks a month it would be greatly appreciated. However if you are unable to or just unwilling I want you to know that I perfectly understand and there are no hard feelings ;) SkyOfSteel is and always will be a free game. Both free to play, and free to be tinkered with by the player.

You can find my Patreon account here

Until next time, Cheers!