SkyOfSteel 0.1.3 Released!

Posted 6/22/19 by ForLoveOfCats


The wall kick change was required but is not ideal. Previously one would wall kick when hitting any wall and with jump depressed. This interfered with rocket jumping as well as being a major pain when playing. I would prefer if one could press jump while in contact with a wall but that has some technical blockers. So in the meantime we have this subpar, but workable, wall kicking.

I recorded a bunch of clips to show the rocket jumping in action but I need to get this release out ASAP. I’ll upload them to Twitter and Discord over the next few days. In the meantime go try it out and let me know what you think! Have fun!

For 0.1.4 I am planning on cleaning up bugs, expanding the building system, and remodeling the player character. The current player character is entirely devoid of anything worth animating to show where the player is looking and what they are holding. With the new player model I hope to allow for more expressive non-verbal comunication.

And now a message from our sponsor, YOU!

SkyOfSteel is, and always will be, free. However if you enjoy SkyOfSteel and value my work, any support on Patreon or by hiring me to teach you how to program on Fiverr are greatly appreciated. If you cannot help to support me financially or do not wish to, please know that there are no hard feelings and I do not want to pressure my playerbase in any way.

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