Better Building for 0.1.3

Posted 6/15/19 by ForLoveOfCats

Saturday of Steel

Along with the bi-weekly release schedule I’m bringing back the weekly Sunday of Steel developer blog posts as Saturday of Steel. On release weeks this post will be combined with the changelog to form the release blog post as it was last week for the release of 0.1.2. On the weeks in between will be posts detailing what has been done that week for the release dropping the next week. This is the first of these in-between developer blog posts.

Better Building

For 0.1.3 I wanted to revisit the building mechanic and how the player interacts with it. The building system has recieved little love since it’s initial implementation and the cracks were starting to show. As a result I’ve gone in and rewrote most of the calculations and made it more mod friendly at the same time. Below are some screencasts of the new calculations in action.

For reference this is that last clip with the old system

A pointed difference

In addition to the redone building calculations I’ve also been starting on a new building tile. I’ll cut straight to the point.

Triangle wall image one

Triangle wall image two

Thats right! Triangular walls are coming to SkyOfSteel in 0.1.3! I’m also experimenting with another triangular surprise ;) For that you’ll just have to turn in next week for the release of 0.1.3!

And now a message from our sponsor, YOU!

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