New Player Model for 0.1.4

Posted 7/21/19 by ForLoveOfCats

Apologies for the past few weeks, I was unable to work for a for a while for personal reasons and then had to leave on a trip (with another trip in a few weeks). However I’ve made notable progress this week so lets get right into it!

SkyOfSteel mentioned in latest Godot devblog

Thats right! The latest post on the Godot blog features SkyOfSteel front and center! You can go give it a read here.

SkyOfSteel has surpassed one thousand commits and one hundred downloads!

Image of one thousand commits

Image of one hundred downloads

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New player model

I’ve been working on this for a few weeks but the new model is now in-game and playable.

Picture of new player model

The texturing is almost non-existant and the eyes are going to change. Over the next week I plan on animating the head and legs to show the player’s up/down look angle and their forward/backward movement input respectively.

Rocket jumping improvements

I’ve improved the functionality and feel of rocket jumping considerably. Previously the rocket would pass through the surface it hit before exploding. Because of this it was not as reliable as I would have liked and in addition prevented me from adding a check to prevent pushing items and players through surfaces. I’ve fixed this with some odd raycast abuse so now the rockets actually hit where they are supposed to and we now check for surfaces between the rocket and anything it tries to push.

Also contributing to the improved feel is the fact that rockets now come out of the center of the player. This is important as the center is also the reference location for calculating the push applied to the player when a rocket explodes.

Added ground pound

This one may be subject to removal

Now when pressing crouch in the air, a player will start immediately decending (without affecting horizontal momentum). This new feature is highly WIP and explorative.

The player is now 50% larger

This is for the FPS combat coming soon as it allows the player to provide a better target for shooting.

Added a generic cooldown

Now when switching inventory slots, placing tiles, removing tiles, dropping/picking up items, firing the rocket jumper, ect, there is a cooldown before you can use the selected item. In some cases (such as firing the rocket jumper) this also prevents switching slots until the cooldown has finished.

Refactored build system and general item information lookup

It is now much simpler and less brittle to add new items to the game. While we are not there yet, this is yet another step toward allowing mods to create custom items and tiles. An awesome side effect is that this make it very easy to fix a little bug allowing walls and triangle walls to be placed intersecting. This has been fixed.

Picture of a wall blocking a triangle wall

Added World.DebugPlot

Picture of many plot points on a wall and floor

This is a simple way to visualize 3d positions when debugging. It proved invaliable when redesigning the rocket collision.

Focuses for finishing up 0.1.4

Over the next week I intend to wrap up the new player model with more texture work as well as adding head and leg movement before adding in the first hitscan firearm! That’s right, a major forcus of next week is to get FPS combat implemented. 0.1.4 is shaping up to be a great release ;)

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