An open source, multiplayer, sandbox experience.

SkyOfSteel is a sandbox building game set in the sky. Envisioned to be a game where one can build intricate factories and sprawling supply chains while engaging in a PVP turf war with your fellow server inhabitants. Enjoy highly fluid movement while destroying others with highly powered weaponry. Fight for technological superiority as you race through a deep tech tree constantly edging out your opponents. When you tire from the vanilla game, the custom gamemode and modding support adds even more depth and content.

Currently we are remarkably far along in achieving this goal. However we are admittedly not there yet. At the moment we have a fully functional building system, chunk based world save and loading, highly stable multiplayer, Quake/Source engine style air strafing, automatic bunny hopping, rocket jumping, wall kicking, and a rudimentary yet extremely flexible system for adding user created gamemodes.