SkyOfSteel 0.1.5 Released + Building Competition!

Posted 8/14/19 by ForLoveOfCats

While SkyOfSteel generally targets a bi-weekly release schedule, this update is out a few days late. My apologies. However this update does include a special announcement!

SkyOfSteel is hosting a building competition! (canceled)

Specifically a combat arena building competition! This competition spans from the release of 0.1.5 (8/14/19) until September the 7th 2019 (9/7/19) at 11:59 EST.

Your map should be designed for one of two styles: free for all arena and attack defend. In free for all players will be continually spawning in at various locations in the map in order to duke it out. On the other hand is attack defend where two teams will take turns either attacking or defending a location on the map. These two gamemodes will be shipping in 0.1.6 in a few weeks.

Teaming up with others is highly encouraged as is thoroughly playtesting your maps! Experiment, try new things, and have fun!

There is a channel on the SkyOfSteel Discord server where you can upload your map’s folder as a compressed zip file. Make sure to get it submitted before the deadline but not too soon! Remember, 0.1.6 will include these two gamemodes and you need to perform required setup for your map in these gamemodes before submission. In addition there is likely a new weapon or two in the pipeline ;)

The best few maps will be selected for a public multiplayer event, use in a new SkyOfSteel trailer, and inclusion in the game itself! Good luck to all and have fun!

This competition was canceled


And now a message from our sponsor, YOU!

SkyOfSteel is, and always will be, free. However if you enjoy SkyOfSteel and value my work, any support on Patreon is greatly appreciated. If you cannot help to support me financially or do not wish to, thank you anyway for your support and interest!

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